The Review widgets

All your Shopreviews in one widget

You can easily add and customize a variety of review widgets to your store without compromising the trustworthiness or brand value of the review platform. The widget manager offers a range of options that can be easily edited and placed in the desired location. No more need to implement and load separate scripts, designs, and content blocks.

The Full Page Widget
You can easily display a comprehensive overview of all reviews on a single page with various filtering options, as shown in the example to the right. This allows the visitor to easily filter & view reviews.

Slider Widget

The traditional total score carousel widget

Slider Widget

The boxed carousel widget without overall score

Overview widgets

All sources in one overview

The box widget

Stop bothering your customer with all those different sources, links and designs. Just show all your reviews from your Marketplace, Social-channel,

Color tile widget

A tile widget where the tile takes on the color of the platform to stand out even more.

Simple tile widget

A subtle tile widget with a light color scheme that can fade better in the design.

The review popup

Show all reviews in a popup which can be called up in different places by means of a simple button.Test it yourself with the button below.

What are you waiting for?
Start collecting reviews right away

Import all your reviews from Google, review platforms or marketplaces and build one fixed widget.